Hello people, this is my little yet open breathing space where you’ll discover my random poetry, prose and write-ups, movie and book recommendations, rambling thoughts, and ideas on life.

While going through my blog, you’ll get to know an ample amount of my viewpoints on applying personal development in your life, chaotic and crazy lifestyle tips, dealing with mental health, artistic creativity, and much more.

Some of my literary work will embrace you, some will shower you with smiles, some will leave you to ponder profoundly or some might be not liked by you and that’s completely alright.

So, if you’re interested and eager to flip through my posts and stuff more, get ready to jump into a messy kind of rollercoaster reading ride that is handled by an awkward and weird teenager.

A warm and hearty welcome to you on my page. Thank you for coming across this site, and may you have a smooth and delightful reading.

  • Things you should let go of this year.
    Jotted down some things and habits to let go of this year. You might need this one.
  • Art Attack
    Some glimpses of my creative artworks –
  • To no-one and everyone,
    A lot of stuff was burdening my head and I wanted to let it out. So, I did. I wrote an open letter (request) to people. It’s just a vent out I never thought I needed.
  • The art of poetry
    A poetry showcasing the ingredients of forming a poetry and the emotions attached.
  • Coping with depression
    Tips to deal with depression and come out more happier, healthier and hopeful.
  • Thoughts on music
    Music is the most amazing relaxing therapy and here’s what I think about it.